I’ve recently been just a little obsessed with scented candles, and so when i went shopping i found an excuse to get some new ones.

M&M’s scented candles

These candles come in a number of scents, but only four were available at the store, so i picked up 3 of the scents;


M&M’s scented candle- Twisted citrus


M&M’S scented candles- Nutty lemon


M&M’s Scented Candles- Tarty Pear

Out of all the four scents Tarty pear was my favourite, you can guess that as i got two of them. These candles are extremely affordable and are great for the money. The scent is somewhat strong, i burnt nutty lemon and i had to wait for half an hour for the scent , similar with twisted citrus but i’ve noticed that the tarty pear has a stronger scent and the scent can be smelled within 15 to 20 minutes, and if you burn these for an hour or more the scent will be extremely strong, that is the whole room will be aroused with the yummy scent of the candles! I can say that because i burnt the tarty pear ones for dinner one night and oh my god i’m in love with them!

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