Today I’m going to be reviewing a recent purchase; Sleek’s blush in rose gold. If you have been following my previous blogs then you’ll know I’ve been a bit blush obsessed lately, and so that obsession has led me to buy this gorgeous blush.

I absolutely love this blush, it has a very unique colour and i dont own anything quite like this, it is a perfect dupe of Nars orgasm blush which is one of the prettiest blush ever known by mankind.
Sleek blushes are known for being highly pigmented and this blush lives up to its expectations, the colour pay off is insane.
This blush is a true rose gold colour and i’m a sucker for anything rose gold, it has a golden sheen to it which adds the gold to the rosy colour.

I was a bit scared at first that it would be too shimmery on the face but its the complete opposite, yes it does leave a sheen on the face but it gives more of a highlighter appearance and adds brightness to the colour, the colour lasts long on the face as well.

The shimmery highlight of the colour dint reflect as well in the pictures which is pretty sad, but in person the blush is amazing, the packaging of the product is pretty high end and its safe to travel with, Its fairly reasonable, priced at PKR 750. You can get it from
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