Hello everyone! if you’ve been reading my blogs for a while then you would know that I’ve been a little blush obsessed lately (just a little, okay a lot, don’t judge,haha). I’m hopelessly in love with these MUA’s blushers I’ve managed to collect 5 out of 6 of them so far. Let me just say these badboys are insanely pigmented, and i mean it when i say that so you have to apply them lightly on your face or you’ll have insanely coloured cheeks.

These blushes are highly affordable and are great for the price, i find myself reaching out for these out of all the blushes i own on a daily basis, the variety of colour is amazing, the packaging of the product i’m not going to lie isn’t that good, but then again i’m not going to be licking the product now am i? lol

Lets take a look at the shades, shall we?

Marsh mellow:
This one is my absolute favourite, and you can already tell that by looking at its condition, its a blue toned pink which is bound to look good on any complexion and is very highly pigmented so it’ll show up nicely on dark complexions, cheers to that!

Mua Blusher- Marsh mellow

Mua Blusher- Marshmellow

Bubblegum is another one of my favourites, its a pink toned red, it shows up amazing on the face, again its highly pigmented so you have the option to keep it light or build it up.

Mua blusher- Bubblegum

Mua Blusher- Bubblegum
Mua Blusher – CandyFloss


Sticking to the pink toned category, candyfloss is a purpuly pink with a lttle bit of sheen in it, but don’t be worried it comes completely matte on the skin.

Mua Blusher- candyFloss

Bon Bon:
Bon bon is a peachy colour, it leans towards the pink side but comes off as peach on my skin. Its a great colour if you’re going for a ‘my cheeks but better’ look

Mua Blusher -bon bon

Mua Blusher -Bon bon

Lolly is another one of my favourite, who am i kidding all of them are my favourite, but lolly is a muted orange with a little sheen to it but again comes out completely matte on the face. Its very pigmented so you have the choice of keeping it soft or going bold.

Mua blusher lolly

Mua blusher- Lolly


Here are all the colours swatched:

Mua Blushes

These are priced PKR 200 and you can get these from just4girls.pk, everyone should have these blushes in their makeup collection i feel, firstly because they are so brilliantly pigmented and secondly because they’re only for Rs 200, i mean if that’s not taking candy from a child then what is?
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