Frozen inspired side braid

So recently my younger sibs have been obsessed  with the movie frozen, and I’ll admit I’ve caught myself many a times singing; ‘do you wanna build a snowman?’ haha . I have attemped to make my hair somewhat how Elsa has her hair in the movie.
Note: it is not a complete copy of her hair but its my spin on it, which can be worn on a casual day or even to a fancy party πŸ™‚
Its extremely simple, just follow the steps i’m about to show you πŸ˜‰


You will need:


Start with straight hair with a deep side parting, then bring all of your hair to one side


Leave the front part of your bangs, this is totally up to you if you want to leave it or include it in the braid. next pick up a section of hair from the front upper part and section it into three as you would do to make a normal braid.

Make a normal braid, after one knot pick up section of hair from the front to add to the first section of hair
give the braid a twist then add hair from the back of the head to the third section of hair
again give it a twist making a normal braid, so basically what you are doing is that you are making a normal braid but adding hair from both the sides to the braid. Repeat the process till all of the hair are in the braid
Note: you should always have 3 sections like you would have in making a normal braid.
Frozen inspired side braid
Now loosen up the braid from the top to give it more of  a voluminous look;

Frozen inspired side braid
All done, you can decorate the braid however you like, appropriate for wherever you’re headed to.
Frozen inspired side braid
Frozen inspired side braid
I’ve used screw hair clips, you can use whatever you prefer.
What it should look like from the back:

Frozen inspired side braid

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