Hello everyone! who doesn’t have hair-fall these days? I know i do, and recently I coloured my hair so im still in the ‘paranoid phase’ I like to call it, so to take necessary precautions to not go bald in the next 20 years its better be nicer to the hair rather than to strip it off of its natural oils.

One way to keep the hair healthy is to use hair masks, now you can get some amazing masks at the stores and contribute your part to the billion dollar hair care industry, but think about it, look at the bigger picture here, at the end of the day you are just putting more man made chemicals to your hair giving you short term results.

Okay i wont go geek on you guys, but why not make hair masks at home? I mean open your refrigerator you probably have all the ingredients lying at home? Bingoo!

I recently tried the egg yolk and green tea mask which helps in reducing hair fall. Here is what you’ll need:


You’ll need:

Lipton green tea

egg yolk

NOTE: Any green tea can work

Place the egg yolk in a separate bowl and prepare the green tea. Green tea prepared should be strong, i’m using a tea bag so i’ll keep the tea bag in for longer till i get a dark colour which means that it will be strong in taste.

Take two tablespoons of hot green tea and mix it with the egg yolk , till you get a frothy consistency. If it becomes too thick add more green tea. If you have longer thicker hair double the ingredients. Section your hair into four and apply it. I like to coat my hair with coconut oil after applying this mask. 
Egg yolk and green tea hair mask
Leave it in the hair for 30 minutes, and then wash hair with Luke warm water, avoid hot water or else the yolk will cook in the hair and leave residue and smell behind.

Use hair mask 2 to 3 times a week for best results.


  • Egg yolk hair treatments have the ability to add strength to your hair, to make your hair silkier, softer and more manageable
  • The nutrients present in the egg yolk make your hair more voluminous and lustrous. They also play an integral role in conditioning and moisturizing your hair
  • egg yolks provide hydration to your hair; it becomes less prone to breakage.
  • If you are suffering from hair loss problem then you can naturally prevent it by using egg yolk onto your scalp and hair.


  • Green tea contains high amount of antioxidants, This means that DHT (dihydro testosterone β€“ the substance that causes hair loss in men and women) could be repressed and ultimately hair loss could be avoided. But later on it was discovered that the anti-inflammatory properties in green tea help to stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth
  • Green tea can also be used to rinse your hair after shampoo three times a week. Using this natural rinse along with other natural hair masks stimulate the hair follicles and provide nourishment to the scalp.

  • Hope this post helps:)
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