Hello everyone! so for the past couple of weeks I’ve been in the blush phase, and by that i mean i would go out anywhere with nothing on my face except for..you’ve guessed it right a nice blush!

I’ve had my eyes on the sleek blush by 3 palettes for quite sometime now, and when i got to know that they were back in stock at just4girls i couldn’t resist buying one.

I was highly conflicted as to which one to get, i narrowed it down to two; lace and pumpkin and then i decided to get the pumpkin one, why? because it has the brightest colours and well i’m a sucker for colourful things 🙂

Sleek blush by 3 in pumpkin


Sleek blush by 3 Palette in Pumpkin
Sleek blush by 3 Palette in Pumpkin



The Palette has 3 blushes, hence the name, and all three of them are highly pigmented.Shades from left to right; Lantern, Squash, Pumpkin pie

Left to right Swatches: Lantern, Squash, Pumpkin pie

What the blush looks on the face:

Okay let me just say this was extremely hard to do, and i was very scared if i’d be able to do the palette justice, here goes;

Lantern is a red coloured blush with a little shimmer if you look closely but once the blush is applied it comes out matte. It is a very pigmented blush and should be applied lightly or you will have red cheeks as if you got slapped or something, haha

Lantern applied on the cheeks

Its come out a little orange in the picture but its actually a light red and applies red as well.


Squash is a lovely pink which looks good on every skin tone, it gives a very natural pink glow to the face if applied lightly.It is a little shimmery but I’ve never noticed shimmer on my face after application.
 Pumpkin Pie:
 Pumpkin pie is a matte true orange blush. When i first got the palette i was scared to try this shade because it was so so orange, but after applying it i fell in love with this shade. Its my favourite out of the three it makes my morning face look bright and awake (if i say so myself)

All in all i’m so glad i bought this palette, the blushes are of amazing quality and worth the money. The palette is available at just4girls.pk which is an online Pakistani website, and the best part is that they offer cash on delivery so you don’t have to worry about credit cards and bank transfers.
The palette is priced at PKR 1700.
Thanks for reading 🙂

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