Hair fall is a common problem now a days due to hair styling, dandruff , stress etc etc.

Everyone wants to have healthy hair, having good hair can be a great asset, the better you treat your hair they better looking they will be. Hair styling can be very harmful for the hair, and there is no heat protecting product that can save the hair from this undeclared war. So it is essential that we restore the natural oil balance of the scalp and the moisture of the hair which we strip away when we’re using the heat to look pretty.

Oiling twice a week is a must if you ask me, I try to oil my hair every alternate day. There are a two types oils i have used over the past few years which have given me much to be thankful for. Here they are;


Let me just take a moment and express my love for this baby of mine, i have no words except for ; its life changing! When i was getting my eyebrows done the lady doing my brows suggested me to use castor oil to get thicker brows, me being a good girl immediately bought a bottle. Being honest it din’t really work on my brows that effectively but; it worked wonders on my hair! 

I apply this oil opening up different sections of my hair right onto the scalp, till my whole scalp is covered. Then i braid my hair before going to bed and apply the oil on the tips of my hair to avoid getting split ends.
Castor oil has the following advantages:
  • Helps to get rid of dry scalp
  • Treats scalp infection
  • Makes hair dark and shiny
  • Conditions and moisturizes hair
  • Provides thickness to hair
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Combats hair loss
  • Reduces split ends and hair breakage 

Okay lets go through these one by one, It did not get rid of dandruff for me in all honesty because dandruff is very much here, next up i don’t have any scalp infections (Alhumdulilah) so cant say much about that, it does make hair shiny but don’t be too excited nothing of the sort you see in shampoo commercials, it conditions the hair to the maximum, my hair feels a a lot healthier after using this, it does help in hair growth i have to say , if you’re bald go get you some 🙂 haha. I’ve noticed a significant decrease in hair fall, don’t get me wrong my hair still breaks when i’m in the shower but i say this because i was losing uncountable strands of hair everyday before using this, and the best thing is that i have a very few split ends now considering the fact that i haven’t trimmed my hair for more than nine months.

Castor oil can also be applied on dry patches of your skin but if you have oily skin don’t even attempt to do that, you will break out as if all hell broke lose, not pretty. It can also be applied on your lashes to make them healthier and longer.This oil is of a thicker consistency than other hair oils and you will have to shampoo your hair twice to take it all off.

Its available everywhere, by that i mean supermarkets, department stores, pharmacies. and you can get it for pretty cheap, maybe a couple of hundreds or even less. I don’t use any specific brands i just get a bottle which says 100% pure castor oil.


Another great oil for the hair is almond oil. I apply this on the rest of my hair (the body of my hair) after applying castor oil on my roots and tips.

Benefits of almond oil:
  •  Makes Hair Long & Healthy
  • Works on Splits Ends & Heavy Hair Fall
  •  Good Substitute for Shine Enhancers & Leave-In Conditioners
  • leaves Hair Shiny & Soft
  • Treats Dandruff

All the advantages one by one;It does make hair healthy, and when your scalp is nourished with the oils it needs your hair will grow out automatically, it does work on split ends but i have to say its not amazing in reducing heavy hair fall, at least i din’t see much difference when i was only using almond oil. The thing i love about almond oil is that it makes hair extremely shiny and smooth and can totally be used as a leave in conditioner if you have dry hair or very curly hair, it will help in making your hair look healthy, it also makes the hair very soft and smooth. And as far as dandruff is concerned, its still very much here 🙁

other benefits of almond oil:
  •  Promotes Eyelash Growth
  • Ideal Makeup Remover
  • Makes Nails Healthy & Strong
  •  Treats Chapped Lips
  • Makes Skin Healthier
  • Reduces Dark Under Eye Circles

This oil is also available very easily in the market, again i don’t use any specific brands, i just get a bottle which says 100% pure almond oil.

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