Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash

Hello everyone! so ya’ll know i love me my Micellar foaming face wash but recently my skin got really dry due to a treatment I’ve been going through and the foaming wash just wasn’t cutting it, so on many recommendations i bought the Neutrogena oil free acne wash.
Okay let me just say that this face wash is ahmazing!
Because it doesn’t dry out my skin at all, it helps in keeping the natural oils completely balanced on my skin and lets be real who doesn’t want that?
Its also amazing for taking every but of makeup off and i can say that because well i tested it! I washed my face with this and then wiped it with a white towel and nothing, i repeat NOTHING even lip gloss stains dint come on the towel, so you can only imagine how good this is.
It is of a very smooth gel like texture which applies on the face like a creamy soft smooth velvety foam! (need i say more?)
Having dry skin can make your face look extremely dull and life less, but after using this it feels as if i have a really fancy highend skin illuminating product on my face (if i say so myself).
I use this in the day and night time, its a very gentle face wash, absolutely perfect for all skin types.
That pretty much sums it all up, i’m very happy with this product and i would definitely repurchase this after i run out. Its also quite reasonable to get, it would cost you around PKR 700-800 and is also available fairly easily. 
So if you are looking for a nice gentle face wash and your skin has been a bit spoty lately then think no further, get in your car and get you some of this πŸ™‚
Thanks for reading<3

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