Hello everyone, today i’m going to be reviewing luscious cosmetics face primer. Before i start, let me tell you what i primer is/does?

  • it helps in making your makeup last longer
  • It evens out your skin tone
  • it helps in reducing the size of large pores
  • helps in delaying the oiliness which may come after a few hours of wearing makeup

I got this primer back in October last year, i was on the hunch for finding a good primer, i short listed a couple of primers and in the end i really liked this one, the only thing i was worried about was the ‘whitening base’ effect which this product claims, now we all know having a white sheet of film on your face in pictures makes you look like a ghost and ain’t nobody got time for that!

But after reading a considerable amount of reviews i decided to buy it. The product itself is of creamy consistency and is white in colour, the reason why its white is because its a hybrid of sunblock and face primer which all in all is pretty good for the skin. When i first applied it on i used my Maybelline foundation in porcelain ivory over it and then i took a picture of myself with flash to see how white it had made my face ,and to my horror i was a ghost, yikes! so i washed off my face and decided to give it another try this time with a darker foundation shade (Maybelline dream matte mousse in shade nude light 4) and it worked perfectly, i was no longer a white Persian cat!

I noticed that my skin felt incredibly smooth after using the primer and the pores on my face were significantly smaller in size, i also noticed that after using this product my skin  required very little foundation as it covered most of the dark spots on my face. My make up lasted for a decent amount of time as well (extra points);

The product itself promises ;

  • oil free makeup primer
  • broad spectrum SPF 35 UVA/UVB protection
  • lightens dark spots for an even skin tone
One problem i faced with this primer was that during the colder months my skin started getting over oily on my cheeks and my T-zone, i did not have very dry skin at that time,  the product was clogging my pores which caused my skin to produce excessive oil. So i stopped using it. The only thing i can make of this is that my skin doesn’t need a primer during the colder drier months because its not as oily as it is during the summer (my skin is weird). As this primer is for oily skin it is perfect for summer, or people who have oily skin all year round . Those with normal to dry skin should get this primer designed for normal to dry skin which is also available. 
All in all it is a good primer that does its job, for me it it best in the hotter and more humid months. It is a light weight primer and your skin wont feel trapped under it, i also did not get any break outs after using it. silver star goes to my baby here πŸ™‚
You can find it at luscious cosmetic counters across the country and it can also be ordered online through their website. Its priced PKR 1295.

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