Waterfall braid

Hello everyone! today i’m going to be doing a blog on how to make a waterfall braid, I’m loving the braided look these days for some reason and i just haven’t had quite enough yet.

Before i start i will say that the waterfall braid is somewhat tricky and you will have to practice it a couple of times to get it just right. There are a number of ways of making this braid and I’ve selected the one which i found the easiest, also making this braid on someone else’s hair is miles easier than making it in you own hair.

Here is my attempt at making the waterfall braid, hope this blog helps, i have tried my hardest to explain it step by step 🙂


Part your hair to one side, or from the middle how ever you prefer, i’m going for a side parting.

Next up take the front section of your hair and divide it into three, as you would take when making a normal braid.


Here comes the tricky part, now make a normal braid by crossing it over once and then before the second cross leave the middle strand of the braid, letting it fall loose.


Now a few things to keep in mind while making this braid are that you should have three sections of hair in your hand at all times like you would have in making a normal braid.
After letting the first section fall loose, pick up another section from the bottom , and also pick up more hair from the top adding them to the top strand as you do when making a french braid.
In all you should have three separate sections.


After you have the three sections cross them over like you do in making a normal braid except leave the middle strand after crossing fall loose again

Once again you will be left with two sections of hair.
Again pick up sections from the top and bottom having total of three strands cross them over again like a normal braid  letting the middle one fall loose.
Continue these steps till wherever you want your braid to end. Now i’m going to be ending it just when i reach the lower skull bone, but you can continue the braid to the other side giving it a crown effect ( that is if your hands don’t hurt like hell)
Then to secure the waterfall effect i’m going to make a normal braid securing it with a hair tie.
Now its time to accessorize the braid making it a little fancy!
I’m using flower shaped metal hair clips which i got from gulf to decorate the braid
Waterfall braid

Waterfall Braid

You can also curl your hair depending on where you are going
Or you can bring your hair to the opposite side and braid it in a loose braid giving it a messy look

All Done
Thanks for reading<3

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  • You have done an amazing job!! <3 I like to braid both sides of my hair and continue all the way to the back of my head