Hello everyone! toady i’m going to be doing a new post on a very simple and girly hair style, it can be worn causally or can definitely be dressed up for a fancy night out. Lets get started:

Things you’ll need:


Start with either straight/wavy or curly hair, just make sure to straighten the front of your hair in order to make thin braids that is if you have wavy to curly hair.
 Start off by making a puffy puff securing it with bobby pins.

STEP 2 & 3

After making a puff, pick up strands of hair to make a braid. Now you can pick up the hair either from your temples or from the bottom of your head depending upon the length of your hair. As for me i have medium length layers in the front of my head ;so i’m picking up the hair from right above my temples. 
Halo braid
Next up, braid the hair you have picked up in an upward direction to avoid getting a bubble when pinning the hair to the other side.

After you’re done braiding the section, bring it to the other side and secure it with a bobby pin tightly. Now if you have very slippery hair put some hairspray on to hold the braid in place.
Halo Braid


Now repeat the same steps here by picking up a section of hair , braid it and wrap it on top of your head next to the previous braid and secure it on the opposite side with a bobby pin.
Halo braid

Step 7:

Now take the bobby pins you used to secure the puff out, your hair now will move a bit from the front giving it a beautiful puffy look, if you want put some hairspray on to make sure the hair don’t move too much, you’ll be left with hair looking somewhat like this :
Halo braid

Now usually when you make this hairstyle it wont come out perfect, if you have second day hair your hair will hold more but first day hair will be a challenge for this style, if you have something which looks like this don’t worry;
You can fix this by pulling out the braid this time placing it crossing the other so it wont move, following up with hairspray. This might happen if you have slippery hair.
Halo braid
There all done 🙂
Halo braid
If you want you can now curl the remaining hair if you’re going out somewhere nice, or you can tie it into a pony tail to keep it casual and more manageable ;
Thanks for reading 🙂

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