Hello everyone! Most of us use the wrong shampoos and as a result damage hair even further, everyone uses straighteners and curlers and etc etc, all this causes our hair to lose it natural moisture which causes the hair to dry out , turn into split ends and eventually falloff when we’re brushing them or taking a bath.

Having the right shampoo really does help in restoring the natural oil balance of the scalp to keep the hair nourished. Some shampoos are too strong and wash away everything (good and bad )especially anti dandruff shampoos, trust me all thees commercials selling anti dandruff shampoos are a lie , they are too harsh for the hair

Previulsy i was using sunsilk and it made my hair look as if a farmer ploughed the field with a broken tractor so i decided to switch shampoos. During the past 6 months I’ve tried two new shampoos which my hair love, both are highly gentle and leave the hair feeling health soft and shinny


This is a very good shampoo, when i first used it i had oiled my hair the night before so i was unsure that the softness of the hair was because of this shampoo or the oil, but when i used it the second time i fell in love, real love ! this thing is amazing it leaves the hair so so so soft and shinny oh my god! I noticed that my hair fall also reduced , i also noticed that whenever i took a shower before with any other shampoo my hair would feel wavy after drying but after using this my hair is living up to its natural expectations .
It is a great product and does not weigh down the hair. If you have naturally fine hair then you need to get you some of this. Its available pretty much everywhere where shampoos are sold .


I’ve just started using this shampoo 2 weeks back and its safe to say it is an amazing product. Firstly if you have salon coloured hair clarifying shampoos will make the colour fade faster so if you don’t want that please don’t get a clarifying shampoo. 
This shampoo is absolutely amazing, its the first time I’ve ever used this shampoo and I’ve realized what i have missed out all these years. This product is very gentle and leaves my hair very smooth and shinny, even my second day hair feel amazing after using this, my roots don’t get that oily and the shine oh the shine i get in my hair after using it, brilliant . If you want glossy healthy hair this is the shampoo for you.

  • Use styling irons only on big occasions and not on a daily basis, or else you’ll be half bald by the time you hit 40.
  • Never tie wet hair
  • oil your hair at least twice every weak
  • never pick on split ends
  • trim your hair every three months
  • braid your hair before going to bed
  • Comb hair starting from tips moving towards the roots

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  • Malaika Hasan

    My hairs aren’t color treated but I am gonna give them a go. I mostly just use tresemme and loreal for haircare.