How many of us have naturally flawless skin? Pretty sure not a lot of people. Thank the lord for makeup. No one is perfect, unless you’re a supermodel. And if you have oily skin then you feel me on this dilemma. Asian skin in general is oilier than people living in say Europe .  occasional breakouts highly depend upon where you live geographically , and if you live where its humid and hot for most of the year, you are pretty much bound to have skin problems. Anyway taking my doctor glasses off , lets talk about ways you can get flawless looking skin without using a concealer.

A girls best friend when it comes to dressing up is makeup, and if you like playing around and testing new products then here is your piece of cake, you’re welcome 🙂

Today i’m going to be sharing some foundations I’ve tried which i absolutely love and which make my skin look flawless.


Becute ever fresh ultra matte liquid foundation :



I’ve never used this foundation but I’ve seen many people rave about it, I remember my mum buying this once so i swatched it a couple of times to see what the coverage was like, and honestly the coverage wasn’t that bad, so i tried it on, the shade was not right but the coverage was amazing. I asked my mum what she thought about it and she said it was amazing when she used it, she has normal to dry skin so this doesn’t get oily on her face, but another friend of mine said that it does get oily on her face (she has combination skin), but nothing very greasy and can be fixed by pressed powder.

This foundation gives a light finish and you can build it up to a medium finish, does not look cakey on the face, and is a very good budget friendly foundation. You’ll love this is you don’t have blemishes which you want to cover for that a concealer will have to be used. But if you have a little red spots here and there, they can be taken care of and your skin will look flawless with a dewy finish (cherry on top of the cake)

This foundation is priced around PKR 300




This is an amazing foundation , it covers up a great deal even without a concealer, red spots and dry patches can kiss their mamas goodbye when you have this bad boy on . There is a wide variety of shades to choose from and there’s a choice for people with dry to normal skin and combination to oily skin to choose from, it feels like i’m a revlon commercial, haha but honestly this is magic in a bottle. If you have dry skin you wont need a pressed powder because it doesn’t get that oily, but if you want you can definitely use it. It doesn’t get oily on me during the colder months, but when my skin isn’t at its best ill use a pressed powder. I highly recommend this its (another word for amazing) fantastic, brilliant?

This foundation is priced around PKR 1700




I’ve had this for a very long time now and so the name has rubbed off, but this is a very good foundation when you want that extra coverage on your face, this foundation is in the form of a stick and i’m pretty sure a lot of people have used it or have heard of it . This gives a flawless finish but it does have a cakey feel if it is built up a lot, you may not need a concealer if you’re  dealing with red spots but if you have blemishes there will be bumps on your skin, but there will be no redness. One downside is that it clogs the pores so make sure to use a mattifying primer underneath, because people with oily skin may break out. Also you cant just blend it with your hands straight away it is too thick, you’ll need a wet sponge or beauty blender, or you can also blend it with the help of a  moisturizer , that gives the best results

You may not like it if you are looking for a light weight foundation because this is a heavy foundation as it gives HD coverage, but once you have it on it will last until you wash your face, it wont rub off and it will give you  a flawless finish 🙂

This foundation is priced around PKR 900

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