Carrefour Scented candles

Hello everyone. For the past year i have been overly obsessed with scented candles in a very unhealthy way and being honest i have made some irrational decisions when it comes to getting them, just saying!

I would say my obsession of scented candles began by watching too much YouTube!
Bath and body works candles have been my number one obsession second being Jo Malone. But sadly we cant get them here so easily.
I did however find a shop called buds and blossoms at Tauheed commercial where they sell bath and body works candles but they dint have the new stock at that time and one candle costed  PKR 2800. I think that’s crazy expensive for a candle! yikes  
Okay enough of the back story, recently i went shopping with a couple of friends to dolmen and My friend Nirmal (shout out to you baby if you’re reading this i love you women), was constantly going on off about scented candles at hyperstar. So we decided to go look for them. After searching many aisles we finally found them, and let me just say they are amazing.
Both of us picked up two candles; vanilla of islands and red fruits. There were of two sizes we got the smaller ones.
Carrefour fragrance candles

Carrefour fragrance candles

My favourite scent is the Vanilla of islands, it literally smells like you’ve stepped in a nice bakery.

Carrefour Fragrance candle in Vanilla of islands


The other scent i picked up was red fruits which smells extremely fresh like a patch of fruits, its so yummy that i feel like eating it up.
Carrefour fragrance candle in Red fruits

I wish i could explain the scents more but i feel like i’m going to make a fool of myself trying to explain them, i’ll just leave you with the fact that they smell incredible amazing, and if you want to know what they really smell like go to hyperstar and sniff them.
I’ve only burnt the red fruits candle thus far and it made my room smell all sorts of yummy within 10 minutes, I’m excited to try the other scents as well from carrefour.
If you are on the same boat as me you should definitely check these candles out they smell amazing plus they are super affordable .
The small one sells for PKR 370 and the larger one for around PKR 700. There are a bunch of different scents, and you can get them at hyperstar Dolmen mall.
Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

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