Hello everyone! I visited Turkey in the summer of 2012, i know that was a long time ago but I’ve been asked many questions on how my trip went so i decided to do a blog post on it (my solution to everything)

After vacationing in Dubai, UAE we (my family and I) went to Turkey. The flight was four hours long from Dubai and finally we arrived at the Istanbul Ataturk airport. The first thing i admired about Turkey was that everyone spoke in their local language i.e Turkish. But it was kind of hard communicating with the staff at the air port because their English wasn’t very good, But i must add everywhere you look left or right you’ll see beautiful people, and i wondered to myself ‘do ugly people even live here?’  not a good thought but being honest!

We had to take a flight from the Istanbul airport to Dalaman which is in the south west of Turkey in the Mugla Province, from there we were picked up by our tour guide, then we headed off to our hotel, which was an hr or so away from the Dalaman airport. 

We arrived at our hotel which was in a port town called Marmaris. This town was beyond beautiful. Our hotel was just in front  of the Mediterranean coast 
In from of the Royal Maris hotel, Marmaris Turkey

We roamed around the city for a bit to take pictures and then headed off to our next destination Pamukkalle, here we had lunch, the famous Turkish Kebabs.

Near Pamukkale lies the ancient Greek city called Hierapolis, this is where the famous Travertine terraces are located. I’m inserting a picture i took off of google to show you what they are :
And yes, you’ve guessed right, this is where the song Tu jaane na from the movie Ajam Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani was picturized, if you thought the actress was wearing rags standing in the middle of snow, then you’re crazy. Frost bite would have gotten her.
Wish i had better pictures, but it was just sooo hot that day! Oh and bytheway the water you see in the pictures are actually hot springs which you can go have a dip in, fancy!
Before arriving at our next destination we stopped to watch a fashion show arranged for us
This was of course to get us to buy something, but all them leather stuff was high on paper. Apparently we were told that all top designer brands buy leather from here. 
Then we arrived at my favourite place in all of Turkey Kasudasi, this place has the best beach ever, it is located on the Aegean coast in the province of Aydin, the water here is so blue oh lala! and i also liked it here because we stayed at a crazy fancy hotel, (extra points)
The famous beach
Me standing with Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, just.. chilling
View from the hotel onlooking the Aegean Coast

Its funny how the shop keepers tried to guess where we were from, they mostly were confused between Arab and Indian. Everyone we told was very surprised to hear that we were from Pakistan, it was cute thou.

Our next destination was another ancient Greek city called Ephesus in the province of Izmir.

Then the next day we went to visit another ancient Greek city of Pergamon, as exciting as that sounds i wont bore you with the details
Pergamon (imagine if you fall from here :S)

We slept on the way back.
The next day we left Kasudasi and went to another great city called Canakkale

We stayed only one night in this town, and the next day we went to visit the ever so popular ancient city of Troy.

The famous wooden horse of Troy

My dinner plate, because one simply does not pass up taking a picture of yummy food
The horse used in the movie ‘Troy’ was gifted to the city of Canakkale
After our visit to Troy we headed off towards the big city of Istanbul, yay!
on the way we stopped to fill up our hungry bellies 

Before checking in our hotel we got on a ferry on the Bosphorus which took us to the European side of Istanbul, where we visited the remains of Turkish , Australian and New Zealand soldiers (ANZAC) who died during some war i have no interest in. 

Crossing the bosphorus

The next day in Istanbul we visited the Blue mosque, The Hagia Sophia, and the Topkapi Palace (pretty sure that’s where the scenes for the show Mera Sultan were shot) 

Topkapi Palace

Inside the Hagia Sophia (the church turned mosque)

View from one of the balconies of Topkapi Palace

Connecting bride, which connects the European side to the Asian side of the city

A few Turkish words i learnt on my trip
  • Merhaba – Hello
  • Lutfen- Please
  • Gunyden – Good morning
  • iyi gejelar – Good night
  • iyi Akshamlar – Good evening
  • Abla – sister
  • Kardesh – Brother
  • Para- Money
  • Yemek- food
  • Akradash – Friend
  • Shehir – city
  • Sheker – sugar
  • iyi gunar – good day
  • hosha kal – Good bye
  • Guruz shuruz – see you later
  • Guzel – Beautiful
  • Teshekur ederim – Thank you
  • Hosh geldin – welcome!
  • Kiz – girl

Overall my trip was more than amazing, Turkey is a beautiful country to visit, with family and friends, because it has an absolutely crazy night life and the very interesting ancient sites and lets not forget the beaches šŸ™‚

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