Who doesn’t need a good makeup remover? I know people who don’t wear make up, but for the rest of us who do, know how important it it is to take it all off-every bit, without harming the skin .

Ways you can harm your skin by make-up is not washing it off completely which clogs the pores and we all know what happens next, no need for me to educate you on this, BUT the question is HOW? The answer is simple..make-up remover! tada da see i’m a genius!

Nivea visage refreshing cleansing milk is a great product for removing makeup especially if you are looking for a highly gentle product which wont over dry the skin and wont sting around the eye area. The reason why this product is so hyped about is because it claims to have milk in it, as we all know that milk is great for removing makeup due to the animal fat content in it, it takes the makeup right off.

The product claims to be *Enriched with Lotus Extract & Vitamins. The skin is optimally hydrated, keeping its natural moisture balance while make-up and daily impurities are removed *

For me it works pretty well, i’ll be honest it takes all of my makeup off but when i wash me face not all the makeup comes off as its too oily for the water to wash if off and so i have to use a cleanser to get the product off completely. I would say it is a great make-up remover but just as a cleanser its not that great. I use it only if i have makeup on my face, when i don’t, i skip using it. 

All in all its a good product and if you are looking for a good make-up remover i highly recommend you to try this and trust me you wont regret it.

Its available at all large general stores and is priced around PKR 470-600 

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