When this foundation came out i was blown away by the idea of a mousse foundation, and when i swatched it in the store i loved how smoothly it applied on. It was truly ‘dreamy’

So without researching for any reviews i went ahead and bought it, in shade nude light 4. After coming home i did a little research on it hoping that i would read nothing but good things, after reading the reviews in fact i was more puzzled than content. I was heart broken its safe to say when i read that this foundation was only for normal to dry skin types, while i have the complete opposite i.e oily sensitive skin.

But you know risk taker me decided to give it a go, and also i dint want my money to go to waste.
Now here is the BUT in my blog, i always have a but…but this is a good but, i fell in love with this product which inspired me to purchase it twice more and now its my holy grail foundation.

How badly do you want to stick your finger in?

To be honest this foundation would do 100% of its magic on people with better skin types but oilies you can definitely use this product, I have super sensitive skin and i swear by my mac lip sticks that this product did not break me out. It applies like a dream, very soft and velvety ,and gives you a dewy finish. After applying it my skin does not feel greasy and above all it does not look as if I’ve just taken a bath in powder.
Its very easy to wash off as well as it is a light weight foundation.

However there can never be happily ever after in life and so same applies to make up, after 5 to 6 hours my t-zone starts to get oily and shine, but this can be fixed by pressed powders (thank the lord). If you have blemishes don’t expect them to be completely covered by this product as it has a very light to medium coverage, but this can be over come of course- by using a good concealer.

There is a verity of shades to choose from so i’m pretty sure there is one for every complexion. All in all a great product, i would rate this 4.5/5, wont give it full because well me. i’m a bit of a critic. But go and get you this product because im sure you’ll love it heaps, i’ve been using it since 2 years and i absolutely adore it.

Its available at all maybelline counters across the country.

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