So recently I went to a wedding and i really din’t want to put heat to my hair so i decided to just make a simple bun, I got many compliments on it so i decided to do a blog-post on it, yay 🙂
Its very simple, just follow the simple steps i’m about to show you :
Things you’ll need:
  • Bobby pins
  • Hairbrush
  • Hair ties
  • (and last but not the least) hair

Step 1 and 2

Let your hair down and brush through them to get rid of any tangles and knots
Step 2 and 3
Grab the upper section (crown) of your hair and bring it over to one side (either left or right whatever you prefer) and tie it into a pony tail
Step 4 and 5
Wrap the hair all  around making a mini bun and secure it with another hair tie. This is where you can pull out some hair from the front to loosen the bun up a bit 
Step 6
Section the remaining hair into two and braid each separately. Now you can do a normal braid or a fish tail choice is up to you 
After braiding the first section, wrap it around the mini bun and secure it with bobby pins.
Step 7
Repeat the same steps again braiding the other section and wrapping it over, securing it with bobby pins

Step 8
Wa-laaah you’re done, you can finish off with a hair spray to make the braided bun last longer. In the end you should have something which looks like this :

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  • I’m so in love with this one. Wish I had seen this yesterday when I had to go out.

  • Aww thanks alot 🙂 Stay tuned I’ll be posting a lot more

  • wardah

    Oh my this is amazing!
    I always try not to mess with my hair but its super easy and classy Xx