Hello everyone, today I thought of sharing another Go-to hairstyle of mine. Its very simple and can be styled accordingly to make it fancy. Lets get started.

Things you’ll need :
Its very simple only if you know how to braid your hair into a fish tail, and if you don’t keep reading, I’ve attempted to explain how to make it 🙂
STEP 1: 
Start with straight hair, if you have wavy to curly hair, you should straighten them out to get the perfect fish tail. Aim for a slanted side parting to give both sides of your hair volume from the back.

It should look something like this ;

Bring all of your hair to one side, and aim for a puffy side and secure it with a bobby pin, giving it the volume you want. This will help in adding  shape to the sides of your head. (wow this is hard to explain)
Next divide your hair into two equal segments

Take the first section of your hair and further divide it into two and make a fish braid.
How to make a fish tail: Segment your hair into two equal parts and pick a few strands of hair and bring it over to the opposite side;

keep repeating this until you get something which look like this ;
Pick up the other section of hair and again divide it into two and make another fish braid;

Now you’ll have two fish braids 🙂

Loosen both the braids to make them look messy and to add volume.

Now wrap the second braid on top of the first one which will give it a twisted effect;


You can either leave it as it is, or style it according to wherever you are going;

There! you’re done Thanks for reading 🙂

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