Hello everyone, so recently I’ve been overly obsessed with scented body products and my thirst for them just keeps on getting stronger, not quite sure how i’ll ever be able to control it but hey at least i’m not into drugs…yikes!  (not that i’ll judge you if you are ). any who getting to the point, In December i was at Motaz getting stuff to bake a cake when suddenly i found myself in the fragrance section sniffing some products ( don’t know how this happens to me but it happens quite often.. guilty!) but i’m not complaining because i found something i dint expect to find.
Okay so let me just give you a little back story, i’m obsessed with bath and body works (pretty sure i’m not the only one) and i was psyched to see these bad boys on the shelves. We all know bath and bodyworks products aren’t sold in stores here in Karachi but there they were in all their glory (excuse me for being so proper, I’ve been doing some reading lately), and so i couldn’t help myself. 
These bad boys are sold under the brand body luxuries as their signature collection body splash. And they carry pretty much the same names as the bath and body works fragrance mists, and they smell the same too (SCORE!)
I picked up three of them (left to right)
  1. Dream Chiffon
  2. Midnight pomegranate
  3. Twilight woods

    I absolutely adore these babies they all smell so so so good. I like to put them on after I’ve take a bath or i’m going out. During the day when i’m doing something or im at uni  i suddenly smell something good and then i realize ‘oh it’s only me’, i don’t know if this happens with you, or am i the only crazy person?
    Okay i’m going to try to attempt to explain the scents of the three (disclaimer : i suck at explaining things)
    Dream chiffon has a very fresh girly scent and makes me feel as if i’m wearing a nice fancy chiffon dress ,does that make any sense? i’m pretty sure it doesn’t but at least i tried
    Midnight Pomegranate is my favourite out of the three, it has a true fruity scent almost as if i’m in a field of fruits, and i’ve noticed the scent turns a bit warm according to my body temperature. 
    Twilight woods has a slight spicy hint in it but smells fresh. 
     I give up, i told you i’m pathetic at explaining scents.
    The scent doesn’t stay for the whole day of course but you’ll be able to smell it if you smelled your body…in private. All in all a great product for you all to get excited about and buy as soon as you see it.
    It sells at PKR 230 at Motaz superstore on Kh sehar, but i’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find it at other superstores like Aghas, Naheed, Chase up etc etc

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