Recently i ran out of my Micellar Foming face wash and i decided to try the Aloe gentle face wash from the body shop. Similar to my previous face wash this one is also a foaming formula.

One thing i’ve noticed is that its a bit drying on my face, after washing my face with it my skin feels squeaky clean, too clean i have to say which is bad, as it dries the skin out which causes more sebum to be produced.
So i stopped using this product during my morning wash, but i still use it as a follow up when i’m washing off makeup because i assure you it takes every bit of it off.

This product is a miracle worker for people with oily skin but people with normal to dry skin, this is a big no no.

I always have to moisturize my face after using this because my skin feels stiff. I was hoping that it wouldn’t do that because it says its for sensitive skin, but as i say there’s always trouble in paradise. On the contrary it did not make me break out which is a very good thing , so bonus points for that.

However if you have acne on your skin it would be better not to use this product daily because it might disturb the oil balance of the skin. I however did not attempt to take that risk. It sadly does not help in fading acne spots which is the main reason why i got this, so you can imagine my disappointment.

This can be a great product for people with oily skin as it is a gentle facewash which helps in getting rid of the dirt on the skin, for sensitive skin i have mixed reviews but using it as a followup for removing make up this product is very helpful. If you have normal to dry skin types this product is not for you.

You can get this product at the body shop outlets across the country, its priced PKR 1390.

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